I write stories - sexual stuff mostly.

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I guess I'm just another pervy girl writer amongst the sea of them on here.

I do hope you enjoy my dirty mind.

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It started off like normal.

My legs spread wide for you as you sit across from me admiring my pale, soft curves and exposed tight little pussy. I watch your eyes drink me in as your hand comes up to run a finger up and down my slit. As you dip it inside of me you suck in a breath.

"Daaaamn babe," Your voice is low. "You’re always so wet for me."

It’s true. I am. Because of you and you alone.

I smirk and hold my breath as we lock eyes and you press deeper inside of me.

One finger - probably your middle. It’s tight, isn’t it? Just the way you like it.

I moan and wiggle my hips a bit as you start to finger me. Slowly. Teasing me. Knowing all too well that I want to get pounded hard.

"F-F-Fuck!" You growl, as little moans escape my lips.

Another finger. It’s a subtle difference. My eyelids fight to stay open.

I can hear the wetness and smell how turned on I am. It’s intoxicating.

It’s not just you that loves the smell of my pussy, babe ;)

I gasp loudly as you somehow manage a third finger. There’s barely any room. It hurts now but you don’t let up fingering me faster and faster.

I throw my head back and move my hips with your hand as I moan and gasp.

A fourth finger? No way! What? It’s like I almost black out. The next thing I hear is your excited voice,

"I’m almost fisting you!" My eyes snap open and I reach my hand down to feel for myself. Your fingers have disappeared inside me. How can that be? My poor, tight, unused pussy. It’s stretched and full. I must be dreaming.

I yelp as I feel your fingers stab at my cervix. I can’t help but cringe as my body almost collapses inside itself. Pain, so much pain.

"Just a little more…" You coo, moving your hand back and forth. I can feel EVERYTHING. My pussy stretched taut around your wide hand - will it tear? Your fingers moving inside of me. The pressure. You’re trying to force the last few inches of your hand inside. It won’t budge but you won’t let up. You are determined.

"Ow!" I whimper and continue to cry out that one word over and over and over.

"Do you want me to stop?" I don’t say a thing. The pain is unbearable. But then…

That single glimpse of pleasure. Of being filled beyond capacity. It’s just a twinge but it’s there. And I want more. So you continue. But the pain takes over and I almost pass out. It’s too much. I collapse. You slowly remove your hand and kiss me on the forehead.

"You’re a sadist," I whisper. I’m not complaining.

"Don’t worry, babe. I’ll get it all in next time."

Next time?


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