I write stories - sexual stuff mostly.

A dash of BDSM, a pinch of vanilla & some romance too.

I guess I'm just another pervy girl writer amongst the sea of them on here.

I do hope you enjoy my dirty mind.

(This Blog is for 18+)

My Writing

My Dirty Thoughts


Email: adirtymindedgirl@hotmail.com

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All words/stories belong to me and are copy written.


Frequently Asked Questions

1: Do you know of any other writers/blogs that write stories like yours?: Below are all the writer blogs I follow. 

2. Are you really a girl?: Yes.

3. Will you post a picture of yourself?: No.

4. Are you single?: No.

5. Do you accept/want nudes or dirty messages?: No.  

6. Will you post other peoples stories/picture submissions?: No, unfortunately. I like to keep this blog strictly about my own writing. I am, however, open to reading others stories if they want to share or get advice. 

7. Do writing your stories make you horny?: Not really. It all depends on what I am writing about. If it’s about my personal experiences or fantasies, I am more likely to be turned on. But most of the time I am in this writer mindset and I’m too busy perfecting the story instead of turning myself on. 

8. When will (insert story name here) be finished?: Please try to be patient. I understand that you guys are waiting to read certain stories, but it takes time.  I am working on finishing/posting every single story that’s promised so hang in there.