I write stories - sexual stuff mostly.

A dash of BDSM, a pinch of vanilla & some romance too. Some fiction - some not. Some super short - some kinda long.

I guess I'm just another pervy girl writer amongst the sea of them on here.

I do hope you enjoy my dirty mind.

(This Blog is for 18+)

My Writing

My Dirty Thoughts


Email: adirtymindedgirl@hotmail.com


Frequently Asked Questions

1: Do you know of any other writers/blogs that write stories like yours?: Below are all the writer blogs I follow. 

2. Are you really a girl?: Yes.

3. Will you post a picture of yourself?: No.

4. Are you single?: No.

5. Do you accept/want nudes or dirty messages?: No. I am not into that. 

6. Will you post other peoples stories/picture submissions?: No, unfortunately. I like to keep this blog strictly about my own writing. I may reblog a story/picture if I like it enough. I am, however, open to reading others stories if they want to share or get advice. 

7. Do writing your stories make you horny?: No, I don’t get turned on when writing. I am too busy trying to perfect the pieces and make sure they turn out how I envisioned them to be. 

8. When will (insert story name here) be finished?: Please try to be patient. I understand that you guys are waiting to read certain stories, but it takes time. I don’t have much time to write these days, sorry. I am working on finishing/posting every single story that’s promised so hang in there.

9. Do you have any other blogs?: Yes, I do. I have a sex blog that I run with my boyfriend. It’s called a-dirty-minded-couple. It’s fairly new (2014) but it’s where we post/reblog photos we like, talk about our sex life, answer questions and share personal stuff about our relationship. Need advice? Want to pry? Want an inside look into my personal life? Check it out.