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I guess I'm just another pervy girl writer amongst the sea of them on here.

I do hope you enjoy my dirty mind.

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Anonymous asked
Hello, firstly wanted to say I love your stories, and secondly was wondering if you write any lesbian erotica? Or why you don't? :-) you're amazing! Thank you! :-)

Thank you! :D

I wrote one girl-on-girl story called The Redhead, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it “lesbian erotica”. 

I’m not sure why I haven’t written anything else. Maybe it’s cuz I like writing about cock lol. 

Anonymous asked
Quick question, sorry aha but how turned on do you get writing stories like these? On a scale of 1-10

Check out #7 in my FAQ link. http://a-dirty-minded-girl.tumblr.com/faq

But to specifically answer your question, I’d say I fall between 1-3.

Anonymous asked
Has curiosity ended? Just asking because I want to know if I should keep thinking about a next part or if that was the end...

No, it’s not over. I will continue it some day.

Anonymous asked
Is there going to be a Part 3 of The Sex Addict? Or is it already posted?

Oh geez I need to pay more attention lol. Third part has been written. Read it HERE. Fourth part is in the works.

Anonymous asked
Did you have a story at some point about a threesome (a couple and another woman) in a hotel? There was a mirror involved.

Uh no, don’t think that was me. 😁



He grips my wrists tightly and looks me dead in the eye. It’s a game. A stand-off. He is waiting for me to grimace or whimper. To show myself. But I won’t. I cannot. I’m stubborn. I want to win. Even if it hurts like hell. I want bruises and marks to be there tomorrow. I want to feel like a prisoner. I want him to take me to the edge and into the oblivion. I want it all.

"Isn’t this better than handcuffs?" He growls.

There’s no need for an answer. My wet pussy says it all.

Anonymous asked
Your blog is perfection! To be honest with you I read them to my boyfriend and he loses his mind every time. He is fascinated that girls think like this haha ! (:

💕 you two sound adorable! My bf loves when I read him my dirty stories too. I’m glad you enjoy them together.

Hunger pt.2


Read part 1 here.


Cum is dribbling down my face as I lay there restrained and gasping for breath. Your cock twitches a few inches from my mouth and even after taking your huge load, I’m still eager for more. I watch you walk out of the room and return with a bottle of expensive champagne in a bucket of ice. Placing it on the nightstand, you take an ice cube in your hand and drag it across my lips. My tongue darts out for a lick and you watch my mouth intensely as I slip it inside and suck on it. It melts in no time and you reach for another one. This one gets pressed against my stiff nipples and sends me into a writhing mess.

You smirk and drag the melting ice across my chest to the other nipple. My eyes flutter as water starts to pool in the valley between my breasts. I let out a sigh and look up at you, noticing your impressive erection.

"You’re still rock hard," I murmur.

"I didn’t allow myself to cum all week. I’m not going soft until I’m satisfied, and I’m far from it."

You grab one more ice cube and shove it inside my pussy. I yelp and pull at the restraints which only make you chuckle. The coldness numbs me quickly and is followed by a dull ache of pain. You shove another one inside and I can feel the cold water dripping down my ass crack. You tease my pussy with one finger until the ice is gone and you are satisfied that I’ve suffered enough.

"Drink?" You ask and I nod. You untie just my wrists and pour two glasses. Handing me one, I tip it back and swallow it down. The bubbles tickle my throat and I let out a giggle. I hand you back the empty glass but you put it down instead of refilling it. I push out my lower lip and pout.

"On your stomach now," you order. "It’s play time."

My heart races with anticipation as I eye up my two gifts on the bed. I raise my ass up as you strip off your shirt and get behind me. My eyelids flutter when your hand touches my bottom. You’re soft and sweet - slowly caressing my cheeks and pushing your fingers between them. I let out a gasp and arch my back when I feel just a slight graze of your finger touch my asshole.

"I have wanted to spank and play with your big, beautiful ass the moment I met you. It’s so round and firm - perfect for punishing."

"I’ve been hoping for this," I gush. "You have no idea."

"Oh I do, don’t kid yourself. Your hints are far from subtle."

I stifle a giggle against the sheet and wiggle my butt.

"I know what you want before you know you even want it," you say. "And since you’ve been such a good girl and have followed my instructions perfectly so far…" You reach out beside me and grip the leather paddle. "You’ve earned a night like tonight."

I hear the paddle whip through the air and land hard on my right cheek. I shriek from the harsh stinging sensation rippling up my spine. Pain comes first and it catches me off guard. Before I have time to process it, you bring it down hard on my other cheek.

"You like that?" You growl.

"Yes! Fuck yes!"

You give each cheek two more hard whacks before pausing to rub my aching flesh. Your touch soothes me and gives me pause to gather all the strength I have to handle this. The pain is worse than I imagined it to be, but thank god for the little moments of pleasure mixed it. The more you strike me, the better I become at accepting it without flinching or tensing up. 

You eventually switch things up and go for the cat o’nine tails; letting the leather strips softly tickle against my swollen ass, I wiggle around the bed and bite down on my arm to fight the pain. You pick up speed and slap the toy hard against my ass multiple times before pausing to caress with your hand. Back and forth this goes - slap, slap, rub, slap. You even drop in a few kisses to tease and excite me.

It doesn’t take long before I am whimpering and muttering incoherently. My pussy is dripping down my thighs and my head is spinning. By the time you switch back to the paddle, my whole ass is numb and tingling like pins and needles. This time the pain is muted to a dull ache. I count each strike in my head until you reach fifteen.

"Do you want to see? It’s quite beautiful."

"Yes," I whisper and take a deep breath. I hear the click of your camera and you perch your naked butt on the edge of the bed to show me. I suck in a breath and frown. "Jesus!" My whole entire ass is all different shades of red. I even see a few spots where dark bruises are already forming. I can make out a few heart shapes among the wreckage.

"Raise your ass up again."

You stand up and I hear a bunch of clicks as you take shot after shot. Your photography is what drew me to you from the very beginning. Just the thought of having a picture of my tortured bottom on display in your portfolio makes my pussy wet.

"God, your body is exquisite - so curvaceous and soft. I can’t stop myself from objectifying you and finding more things that turn me on."

I blush and drop down on the bed to give my sore back a break. You put the camera down and disappear behind me once again. I close my eyes to rest a moment and I feel your fingers prod at my asshole.

"There’s no time to waste, my pet," you murmur, "I’m ready to fill you up with another load."

I gasp and tense up as you force the tip of your middle finger inside me. I take deep breaths to try to relax myself. Leaning over my back, you kiss along my spine as your finger moves in and out slowly. I feel your cock on my ass and I spread my thighs wider. Your kisses lull me and my whole body feels like jelly. I sigh in relief when I hear you flip open the lid of lube and pour it on my asshole. You start to rub the head of your cock up and down my crack, covering it with lube. Grabbing my hips, you press against my hole and slowly start to work your way in. I exhale and close my eyes, gripping the sheets.

You take your precious time but eventually every inch of you disappears inside me. Reaching down you grab my hair and force my back into an arch. The way you fuck me is mesmerizing. Slow and deep; giving me time to relax and enjoy this rare moment. Our bodies move as one as you slam against my luscious ass. Moans and groans escape your lips. You quickly pick up speed. Your grip becomes tighter and your thrusts are rough and deep. I push back against you, feeling every inch force its way inside me. As much as I love this feeling, it alone cannot get me off.

“May I touch my clit?” I ask.

“Yes,” You growl. “But don’t you cum.”

I reach my right hand down between my thighs and waste no time. My clit is swollen and sensitive and is almost too painful to touch but I don’t care. I rub furiously as moans escape my lips. I can feel your cock swell and twitch. I love this feeling. Everything is heightened. I could cum in any second. You let go of my hair and my head falls onto the bed. Grabbing my hips so tight that I can feel your nails pierce my skin, you fuck me relentlessly. Grunts and sounds of skin on skin fill the room. I can’t hold back much longer.

“C-can I cum please?” I ask, as my hand shakes uncontrollably.

“No, not yet,” You respond, breathlessly. “I’m almost there. I want you to cum with me.”

I keep my finger pressed against my clit. The wait is excruciating. I push back against you and turn my head to look you in the eyes. I need you to see the hunger and desire I have for you. I’ve never wanted someone more than I want you right now.

“Fill me up. I want to feel your hot cum explode inside me!”

Your eyes flutter and you shove your cock deep. “Damn you!” You snarl. “Cum! Now!”

It doesn’t take much. As I push myself over the edge, you squeeze my hips and cum with a guttural groan. You keep thrusting a few more times and then collapse on the bed beside me. I watch your chest rise and fall as I cuddle against your naked flesh. Dropping a few kisses across your ribs and stomach, I eye up your slick, cum covered cock. I can’t resist! You suck in a breath as my tongue drags across the sensitive tip.

“That’s a good girl,” you murmur. “Clean up your mess.”

I lick every inch of your cock and balls until it’s dry and soft. The mix of cum, lube and my ass are intoxicating and delicious. I lose myself in the moment and begin to suck you off for me now, but you pull me off.

"Let me recharge first," you say. 

"Okay," I pout.

"Don’t worry, little one, I am not even close to being finished with you tonight," you say and pull me close for a kiss.


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Anonymous asked
What is the name of your couples blog? It would be great to have more tips and things to try to spice up our relationship.


It’s nothing special - just a bunch of reblog pics we like, some personal sex stuff and random asks. But feel free to ask us anything or share your stories. :D