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Dirty Thought #10

Our sex is magnetic. Electrifying.
As we collapse on the bed with our limbs entangled in one another, all you can hear is satisfied sighs and deep breaths.
Heart rates sky rocket and never want to come down. Heads spinning. Sweat all over our bodies. Cum between my thighs. My unruly hair one big tangled mess. Your cock still hard and twitching for more.

Neither one has energy to say a word. We just lie there, naked, spent and madly in love.
It’s my favourite way of wearing you out.

Anonymous asked
My boyfriend recently found out i have these urges for bondage, and was surprisingly accepting about it. He even offered to buy me some stuff for it so we could try it. Problem being, neither of us have done anything like it before and, with no experience, we dont know if we will actually like it or what we should do. Any advice?

Like with any new thing, all you need to do is relax and dive in. Make it a fun adventure for you both. Try out different types of bondage material - hand cuffs, ropes, ties, scarves, a belt etc. Have him experiment with tying up your wrists or ankles first and see how you like it.

If it gets awkward or doesn’t seem to flow right, try not to let the bondage be the centre stage. It’s about you and him. Connect with him. Kiss him. Do what you normally do when you’re together.

And yeah there’s a chance one or both of you might not like it. That’s okay. It shouldn’t be this stressful, forced situation. Just two people trying something new and seeing where it takes you. :)

It’s hell writing and it’s hell not writing. The only tolerable state is having just written.

Robert Hass (via victoriousvocabulary)

Anonymous asked
Been with my boyfriend for a year now, we've been wanting to give oral sex a go for a few months, but never had the right moment, I know it's normal to be a little nervous the first time trying anything new, I'm not so nervous about giving it, just receiving it, I'm not too sure why, do you have any tips about receiving oral? Do guys actually like giving oral? I'm also worried it will get tiresome (I take like 30 mins to cum) just any advice would be fab!!

First off, talk to each other. Discuss turn ons/offs & preferences. If there’s anything unique/specific you like/need tell him. (Ex: maybe you cannot handle direct clitoral stimulation or perhaps you need both clitoral and vaginal play to cum.)

The key thing about receiving oral is to be comfortable, relaxed, and vocal (words, moans, gestures - just little cues that let him know he’s doing it right.) So keep the lines of communication open.
Urge him on. Direct him to where it feels good. If what he’s doing does nothing for you, don’t be afraid to (nicely) point him in the right direction.

Try not to worry about time. There shouldn’t be a rush. He is there to explore and pleasure you. Just lay back and let him please you. Hopefully he will pay close attention to your body and responses and make it a mind blowing experience for you both. It could take minutes to orgasm or hours - we are all different. I’m sure he will be eager to please you and do whatever he needs to fulfil that.

Do guys like to give oral sex? Some do. Some don’t. You cannot assume every guy is willing. You also shouldn’t take it personal if he doesn’t want to do it. Some men like to please. Some men do it because they love pussy. If you aren’t too sure where your guy falls, simply ask him.

All your worries and apprehensiveness will be gone once you just take the plunge and go for it. It’s not so scary. You can have the lights out if that helps. Or maybe turn on some music. Whatever relaxes you. The first time with him could be awkward. It’s a learning experience. He may need more practice which isn’t such a bad thing, right? ;)

'7 Days Series' - Saturday



(Link to Friday, which has links to the others)

I finally crawl out of bed at 11 a.m. - hung over and craving an omelette. After a long, hot shower, I putter around the kitchen whipping up a huge brunch. As I’m cutting up some lemon for the sun tea, you come up behind me and kiss the back of my neck. I can feel your hard cock pressing against my ass.

"Someone woke up horny, huh?"

"I had a naughty dream about you."


"We were having that threesome you want so badly."

"Yeah? Tell me more." You slide your hands across my stomach.

"Well… we were in some dark lit basement bar that had alcoves everywhere that were filled with pillows and had see-through drapes."

"Ooh sounds exotic."

"You could see everything - orgies and girl on girl sex and everything in between. We sat at the bar watching until this guy walks up and just starts kissing you. I was mad but I didn’t do a thing. I just watched him grope you and you responded like you loved it. You were moaning and kissing him back. I was jealous but it was so hot seeing you like that. He pulled you into one of the empty alcoves and laid you on the pillows. He immediately pulled up your dress and started to eat your pussy."


"You’re squirming all over the place, grabbing at his hair and moaning about how good it is. My cock is rock hard and I reach down to rub it over my pants. The guy just devours you and you’re moaning and begging to get fucked. I start to stroke my cock now as I watch you two. He parts your lips and sucks on your clit. You gasp and open your eyes. You smile and motion for me to come towards you. I’m hesitant, at first, but I walk over and you reach up for my cock. You place your hand over mine and stroke it with me. I want to taste it - you say and pull me down on my knees so you can take my cock into your mouth.”

"Oh my god, that’s so hot!" I murmur as I close my eyes - desperate to see what you saw. I feel your hand slide under my skirt and slip inside my panties. I suck in a breath as you softly run your finger up and down my slit.

"Are you wet thinking about it?" You whisper, kissing my neck.

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One of my favourites. Have a read if you haven’t already.
Anonymous asked
Oh my god your blog is pure gold and I'm OBSESSED with it

THANK YOU!!! Messages like these make my day :D

Anonymous asked
do you consider yourself a whore?

I am not a whore - I am his whore. 😄

Anonymous asked
Any tips on a hand job??

I suggest watching him do it first and pay close to attention to his technique. Ask questions before/during/after.
(Do you always need lube? What turns you on/off? Do you like it rough? Is there anything special or specific you do or like? Etc)

If you’re too shy to ask, here’s a few things to look for:
Does he have a firm or soft grip?
Does he stroke fast and then real slow or does he keep the same pace throughout?
Does he play with his balls with the other hand or do anything else besides stroking with his main hand?
If he’s uncut, make sure to see how far he pulls his foreskin up when he strokes. (it can cause pain if you pull up too far, for some men)
Does he stroke dry or use spit/lube?
Does he position his hand at the base, midway or at the tip when stroking?

(For my guy, I have my hand positioned with my thumb inwards. Sometimes I use spit/lube but usually nothing. I tease and stroke slowly from the base to tip. When there’s precum, I use my thumb to rub it around the sensitive tip.
Every so often I stroke fast and hard until my muscles are screaming (or he gets too close and I stop before he cums). I change my hand position and stroking speed, play with his balls and kiss his body. Then when I’ve tortured him enough, I finish him off.)

Remember, it’s not a race. Take your time. Tease. Bring him to the edge and stop. Kiss him. Talk dirty. Adore his cock. Pleasure him. Drive him crazy.
Have fun :D

Anonymous asked
I want to give my boyfriend a blowjob but I'm afraid my teeth will get in the way because I have big teeth. Any advice on how to prevent that?

Some guys like a little teeth and some hate it. You could always ask him what he likes and doesn’t like about blow jobs. Communication is vital!
If he’s one of the teeth phobics, then just be extra careful. Wrap your lips over your teeth or push your lips out past them when moving up and down his cock. Be aware of the sensitive underside where his head meets and his shaft, and also any loose skin that could cause your teeth to accidentally scrape.

Start slow. Relax your mouth. Make smooth, easy movements - don’t get too fancy if you aren’t too sure. Find your groove. Blow jobs aren’t just about “sucking” dick. There’s kissing, teasing and stroking involved. Use your lips and tongue to please every inch from his tip to his balls ;)

And don’t forget - you are in control and you are fabulous! Be confident and have fun. :)